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I have always had a passion for writing. From a young age I remember making up my own stories and writing my own newspaper articles... little did I know back then that it would turn into such an enjoyment of mine for later on in life! 

After obtaining my first degree in Journalism I centred my work around London, working for different magazines such as Cosmopolitan, CosmoGirl, Esquire, Instyle and Men's Health. After gaining a second degree and a Masters of Education, I moved from London to begin a career in Education, specialising in Advanced Early Years. After which I progressed on to study Child Psychology. 

Over the years I have been lucky enough to be able to combine my passion to write alongside my career and interest in Early Years Education. I found having real classroom experience of how young children develop and learn has not only widened my understanding of young children's pedagogy, but has alongside this, given me the opportunity to write for many different educational publications such as; The Early Years Alliance, Under 5's Magazine, The Times Educational Supplement, Nursery World and Primary Education Magazine to name a few.

As well as this, I also enjoy writing children's books. I particularly love writing rhyming children's books which promotes healthy mindsets, and positive messages to children. 

I run a successful social media page on Facebook and Instagram called 'Creative Teaching Ideas' which supports parents and educators to develop their children's creativity and to also strengthen children's and adult's mindsets with parenting and educational psychology articles. 

I am also a parent to my two wonderful daughters, who continue to inspire me with many an idea, thought or feeling, often guiding me to the next book or article. 

Opportunities to Collaborate

If you would like to share ideas, collaborate or are interested in my freelance writing services or content creation please do feel free to get in touch. I would be more than happy to help.

Hayley Fuller 

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